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Interview with Customer

1.What kind of style do you usually prefer?

I usually like jeans a lot, but I often wear sports coats or tailored jackets with jeans.

2.What made you visit B&TAILOR?

I think B&TAILOR was the object of admiration for me.

I've been to a lot of Tailor shops, but I always wanted to try on B&TAILOR clothes.

I searched on Instagram or the internet and had experiences at various shops, and finally I came to B&TAILOR.

3.What kind of clothes do you usually wear at work?

Our company wears everyday wear. However, I think I always wear a tailored jacket when I have client meetings or serving the customer.

4.If you have anything to say to a couple of people who haven't experienced B&TAILOR yet?

If you want to experience B&TAILOR, or if you have any thoughts, feel free to visit and get counseling even if you aren’t going to order one.

The directors and managers always welcome me, so even if I don't get one I come here often to look around so don't feel pressured.