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Interview with Customer

Greetings.I am Ahn Jae-kwon, a common man in the mid-30’s, who is doing business in a manufacturing medical equipment.

1.What kind of clothes do you usually wear at work?

I usually wear business casual clothes. Our company is a manufacturer so there are many people who wear comfortably, but I sometimes wear formal clothes when I have client meetings or meetings with other partner companies.

2.What kind of style do you usually prefer?

I usually like wearing business casual-style clothes. I like the confidence that I have from dressing up so I often wear in business casual style.

3.What made you visit B & TAILOR?

B & TAILOR is a shop that I have heard of and wanted to visit, and I first visited the shop when I matched my wedding suit after meeting Chad Park at the event named ‘We are the Market’.

4.How do you feel after experiencing B&TAILOR?

I haven’t matched a lot of custom suits, but I think that B & TAILOR is a tailor shop that does not only match length and width but also match the identity of the customer and its value.

As a person also involved in the manufacturing industry, if one does not have pride in the industry the quality will be poor even if it is the same item. That is why I respect B & TAILOR and highly assess its value.

5.If you have anything to say to a couple of people who haven't experienced B&TAILOR yet?

I do not simply think that clothes of B & TAILOR as clothes that will be worn for 3 years. The absolute cost difference is big, so the customers may think the threshold is high. B & TAILOR’s clothes are clothes that do not follow the trend but is in the process of finding one’s identity. Although the threshold may seem high, the clothes can be worn readily after receiving the clothes, so it is hard to assess the clothes simply based on cost burdens. As a perspective of finding one’s values, I think experiencing B & TAILOR will be good.