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The wedding journey with B&TAILOR

Hello everyone, I am Aiden Park, the manager of B&TAILOR.

In B&TAILOR, I am in charge of counselling work and concerning fabric business mostly.

Meanwhile, I usually gave an advice to our clients preparing their wedding suit. But right now, I’m considering my wedding garment just for myself. It makes me feeling very fresh and flutter in this time.

I always believe the ideal dress suit for wedding should have a classical mood and weighty balanced appearance on the whole garment. Also, I’d like to focus on eliminating even a small detail that could seem to be light and too showy.

Therefore, I’ve chosen double-breasted suit and dark navy plaited thread fabric from 'Lovat Mill'.

The reason of selecting double-breasted suit for wedding is that the style of suit is able to cover around abdomen which should be concealed by following the etiquette of marriage. In addition, the design has the sense of dignified and elegant.

There are many clients who have a problem to choose the color for their wedding suit and so have I.

I’ve simply selected the dark navy fabric considering in terms of gentle overall feeling and practical donning in my real life.

The two main factors of choice the fabric are great air permeability as well as proper weighty quality.

Lastly, I expect to provide still more professional and suitable advices on the wedding garment with genuine client counselling in B&TAILOR.