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Interview with Customer

This is Jung yoo-jin, the sales manager of the coffee machine department, I am selling coffe machine(PRESS-9).

1.How are you motivated to visit to B&TAILOR?

One of my acquaintance visited here for wedding suits and he recommended me this shop, and I wanted to make my own suit here as well.

2.How did you feel wearing B&TAILOR's suit on your work or leisure?

When I meet customers or partners, they used to tell me and asked a lot, "You look nice with the suit. Where did you buy?"

I hear it even from those who don't know about suit, so I am very confident with this suit.

3.What did you feel wearing the suit?

Actually, I wear different kinds of suits from other shops but B&TAILOR makes me feel like real - sized fit.

Not only me, people who see me think that I look great with nice silhouette.

4.What would you like to say for the last comment?

I think good experience always lasts a long time.

You must wear and feel B&TAILOR suit in your life.

I recommend you to try on.