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Why handmade(needlework ,hand sewing) existed?

B&TAILOR is bespoke house in Chung dam, Korea. It is essential that Master tailor is always in the house and able to touch all the processes well proceeding on suit making. We value creating a garment only for the one client by completing a suit with the elaborate hand sewing works. The basic rule of operating our bespoke house is having own atelier, and our bespoke fitter counsels overall bespoke suit in the place. We would like to tell you that why B&TAILOR keeps adhering to our principle of hand stitching.

B&TAILOR believes hand-made garment have to be different from machinery clothes by infusing the delicate emotion and atmosphere. We reflect our value and belief on the suit, moreover, it is worth enough to us that the garment is only for the one person and is considered not only great appearance but also the feeling of client during bespoke. Focusing on varied factors for one suit gives the clients a deep impression and memorable experience with the high quality of outfit. For those reason, B & Tailor loves to allude our suit to “Emotionarism”.

Because we always trying to create the best and the most, every suit in B&TAILOR is made only by hand. These important consideration is one of the main factor to elevate the quality and overall mood of the suit. We close stay together with clients to realize a dream of owning a great silhouette garment. B&TAILOR’s bespoke connotes the sincere detailed hand work as well as deep conviction for both client and suit.